What is The Pole POD?
In a time where nothing is typical and schedules are changing every moment of the day, finding time to work out is hard. Driving to the gym is time consuming. Scheduling a class that will fit into your life and actually being able to attend is even harder. Typical work weeks are a thing of the past so we need solutions that adapt with us. We thought why could there not be a private training space where a person can go without the hassle of scheduling and have access anytime they want?  With that thought came The Pole POD.

The Pole POD concept is like nothing you have had before. Your own 14' by 14' pole room lined with full length mirrors, monitors and equipped with one 13 foot high static/ spin pole, bands, blocks and all the things you will need to get a training session in all to yourself. You also have an option for a 14' by 14' space to train Lyra or chair routines. Pods can be rented anytime that your schedule allows. These POD's are private and safe for any level of aerial fitness.


Do I need to create a profile?

In order to purchase POD sessions and have access to the studio you must first create a profile for the Pole POD. 

You can create a profile in one of 2 ways; by using the link below or coming into the studio during reception hours which can be found through the contact tab at the top of the page. Once you have created your profile you will have to read and agree to all waivers, cancelation polices and the terms & conditions of The Pole POD your profile is confirmed. 

* Before you schedule your first POD, we ask that you come into the studio during our reception hours first. You'll receive a tour of the space, as well as a tutorial when it comes to using the room sanitizer. Due to COVID-19 it's our top priority that our staff and clients are on the same page when it comes to cleaning the studio. You'll also have a chance to review our policies and ask any questions. Tours are generally 15-20 minutes. 


Can I purchase my own POD?

Once you have created your own profile and input your payment information you are able to log into the app to purchase POD sessions, privates or merchandise anytime you want! Pricing options are listed under the "price" tab and come in various forms of punch cards, single sessions or monthly memberships. 

*Remember that you need to physically come in to the studio before your first session in order to be granted door access for your sessions.


How to get door access?

In order for you to be able to schedule a POD session and get in to the studio for your reserved session, you MUST COME INTO THE STUDIO during reception hours so that you can do a walk through of the space and your door access will be granted at that time. While you are in the space for your initial walk through you will have the opportunity to get all of your questions answered as well as try out using your door access and the monitors in the POD's. Hours for staff at the studio are posted on the website under the contact tab and updated weekly. 

When are the reception hours?


The Pole POD is open for scheduled POD sessions and privates anytime day or night but our staff is only at the studio on a limited basis. All staff hours are posted on our website under the "contact" tab and are updated weekly for your convenience. If you are needing to get into the studio outside of these hours please email us at thepolepod@gmail.com so we try to accommodate with your schedule. 


POD Purchases.

POD purchases allow for you to purchase any product we have showcased at the studio (or special orders) through the app and be picked up on your next scheduled session. This is a contactless way for you to shop on your time but not have to wait for the postman. When you purchase product through the app, you will be contacted by The Pole POD staff confirming purchase the next business day. In your initial contact email confirming purchase you will also be given a key code to our central key box which will have your private locker code. Using the locker code/ key you simply open your assigned locker and BAM you have your merchandise!


Can I bring a friend to my POD?

Our current policies do not allow for more than one person in an individual POD. However, you CAN book a comp room for your wonderful self and up to 3 friends. Each friend that comes with you will need to create a profile and come in for a tour so they can be assigned a key fob. Each person will need to check in through the app when they come in so we have are able to provide a list of any individuals in the building should an emergency come up. Only the person who booked the comp room will be able to open the door, but every person needs to check in via the app.